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Training Run: 5 miles

I was unable to run 6 miles today (was .13 miles short — lol!). I had to end my run early cos I was going to be late to Stations of the Cross @ church. Anyway, the run was fine — I tried out my new insoles (with arch support) and it felt weird at first but I think 20 minutes into the run, I was fine. I think I should start cross-training again, though; either Tae Bo or Pilates and then need to do some stretching (probably Yoga). It was really nice running this afternoon after the rain, too. There weren't that many people @ the beach, so the strand/boardwalk was fairly empty. It was windy, though and I forget to wear my vest and I felt like I was being held back by the wind. Anyway, it'll be my 12 mile run this weekend. I'm going to be running alone, too cos my sis Minel will be running the LA Marathon. I have to remind myself to bring some extra Gatorade and GU…

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