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Blisters heal…

…but glory is FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Ok, not to gross people out (too late), above is a pic of the blister that bothered me on my 2 [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

I might sound like a broken record but, what a difference the long runs make! I didn’t feel as sluggish for this run as I did last wee [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

What a (negative) difference no running during the weekend makes. 🙁 I didn’t do my 18-mile run on Saturday because of the self-defe [...]

Review: Run Bare(foot) Presentation

Last night (Wednesday, the 28th of April 2010), I attended one of REI’s free “events”. I actually lucked out that I found [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

Well, I was supposed to take it easy today but I guess Sunday’s result kinda left a bad taste in my mouf (no, it’s not cos of al [...]

Swim Training (1200m)

ZOMG. I did all 3 drills today and then one more! wOOt. I had to switch around my training (supposed to do barefoot run) but since my Vibram [...]

Barefoot Training: 5 miles

This has been my longest barefoot run evar and I feel no pain in my right arch! wOOtness. Of course, my right calf is already feeling kinda [...]

Open Water Swim: 650m

My first (well, technically, it’s my second, since my big sis Minel brought me on my first open water swim @ La Jolla Cove last year, [...]

Barefoot Training: 3 miles

This is my longest barefoot training, yet. I returned to my old “stomping” grounds tonight — Sangria on Pier Avenue in Her [...]

Barefoot Training: 2.5 miles

I might have gone too fast, too soon again today. I started reading this article on proper running gait (stride, foot landing, etc.) and was [...]

Review: Vibram Five Fingers (KSO model)

Product name: Vibram Five Fingers Model reviewed: KSO (Pink/Grey); women’s size 35 Price: $85 USD (as of 3/31/2010) I haven’t do [...]
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