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Blisters heal…


Healing Blister

Ok, not to gross people out (too late), above is a pic of the blister that bothered me on my 20mi run last weekend. As you can see, it’s all but healed, but I’m still amazed with its size. It wasn’t pus-filled, either (just to clarify!)

I guess I have to replace my Wright Double-Layer socks since it’s not doing its job any more. Ugh. See, I train wearing my compression tights, so wearing my compression socks (which I wear during races) would be overkill. Enter the Wright double-layer socks: it’s perfect and I’ve been using it, though it stretches out after multiple washings 🙁

I’m actually going to try some Injinji toe socks again and hope they last longer than the Wright socks. I think I’ll feel ok wearing those since I go on barefoot runs with my Vibram Five Fingers… We shall see!

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