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Long Run Training: 20 miles

What can I say? This run sucked. LOL.

I was actually having a great run until about 11 miles into it, when I began feeling pain under my right arch. This went on for a while and by the 17th mile, I just did more walking. I would later find out that it wasn’t plantar fasciitis, but a friggin’ blister that bothered me! UGH.

Oh, one scary thing — during the 2nd half of my run, towards the end, my sis and I had a perturbing experience: a young man (well probably under 30’s) on a bicycle was riding up and down the Redondo Beach boardwalk verbally taunting the people walking/running! At one point, he passed me and my sis as he said “You’re lucky I’m not going to kill you today.”  WTH?! He said that to at least a few more people down the boardwalk as my sis and I continued our run. Before that, he passed us (and others) as he was gesturing with his hand and said “How would you like this up your ass?” In hindsight, we should’ve reported his ass to the lifeguard, but I didn’t know how to describe him other than say — man on a bike wearing a black cap, black shirt and jeans?

Anyway, I’ll definitely not run on my own around that part anymore! ZOMG.

Garmin Stats: Forerunner 50 | Forerunner 201 (Don’t you just like how the Garmins have different stats for the same run? LOL)

Time: 04:45:44
Distance: 22.90 mi
Calories: 2,002 C
Avg HR: 156 bpm
Max HR: 177 bpm
Avg Pace: 12:28 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 11:34 min/mi
Best Pace: 04:48 min/mi

Time: 04:24:00
Distance: 19.31 mi
Elevation Gain: 335 ft
Calories: 1,907 C
Avg Pace: 13:40 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 14:30 min/mi
Best Pace: 04:37 min/m

update (5-10-10) : Well, the (now healing) blister almost looks like the one on Run Fatboy Run, except not as gross (no puss or liquid). LOL.

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