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Barefoot Training: 3 miles

This is my longest barefoot training, yet.

I returned to my old “stomping” grounds tonight — Sangria on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach. I used to run with the Club Run Hermosa Beach group years back, partly because I was part of Nike’s Club Run LA grassroots running club. Employed by a third-party which Nike hired, a good number of us got free shoes, and running clothing as our “uniform” at each of these weekly events. That was back when Nike first had their Run Hit Wonder race series. Wow. Can’t believe that was 7 years ago (February 16, 2003 — lol I still have the medal) Anyway, I digress…

This run was fine except for the following:

  • I was kinda feeling breathless — like I’d been sprinting but I looked at my watch and it was only an 11 min pace! My heart rate was at 170bpm or thereabouts, so I’m guessing that’s what I was feeling — that or I could’ve fitted my HRM strap too tight. I started doing deep breaths and that seemed to do the trick (no more tightness in chest!)
  • My (left) knee was ok, but I started feeling some tingling again about two miles into the run. But I guess it didn’t bother me much because
  • Two and a half miles into the run, my right arch began to hurt much like last week’s arch pain. It wasn’t as bad as the last time, though so I didn’t stop to take a walk and instead slowed down but kept on going. Luckily the pain subsided as I was nearing the end of the run.

So yeah, other than the three above, everything else was OK! I’m really excited as I build my barefoot running mileage, but I’m worried again that my knee isn’t healing. I mean, I thought I was fine: when I touch my left knee (the patella region), it doesn’t feel sore any more. Before, just putting my finger just under the patella would trigger my pain receptor. After this run, when I put my finger over my patella, and rub it, it still feels ok. Meh. Luckily, I’m going for a swim tomorrow, so I have at least a day to rest my knees. Maybe I should do some water jogging, as well… Hmmm.

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