Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bad Salmon.

Ugh. I think I had some bad salmon last night… Without going into the realm of TMI, I don't think people should eat 5-days-old-le [...]

Training Run (8 miles)

Notes: Not too bad of a run; I nearly gave up in the end but I was like, 1 more mile to go… It sort of drizzled as I ran, too (I belie [...]

Training Run (5 miles)

Notes:Considering the blisters on my feet, I did fairly well overall. There was some soreness with the base of my left foot (plantar facicic [...]

Prayers for Dad (and so on)

My dad's ill right now (a rarity for someone who's somewhat of a exercise-nut) and my mum's been taking care of him for the p [...]
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