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Aw… doesn’t he just tug at your heartstrings?! Too bad I can’t get a dog right now… But if I could, I would totally [...]

New journal application.

Finally made the switch to WordPress from LifeType. It took me a while to finally transfer over my links (posts went over ok; well, some of [...]

Long Run Training (19 miles)

Notes: Ok, whatever momentum I had last week carried over the first 12 to 13 miles of my long run training and then diminished soon after! I [...]

Training Run (3 miles)

Notes: I was supposed to do my 5-miler but ended up only going for 3 miles due to time constraints! LOL. It was a great run, too — I d [...]

Training Run (3 miles)

Notes: I went to get my gait analysed at the Nike Mobile Unit; they set themselves up at the usual Sangria on Pier Avenue (Hermosa Beach) an [...]

Training Run (3 miles)

Notes: This was my first run after straining my left calf. I walked the first mile (or sped walked it) and ran the remaining 2 miles. ItR [...]

Mark your calendars for Earth Hour

I'm going to do it this year… I'll turn off my lights for one hour (and perhaps of my computer? Eep!?) on 28th March 2009 at [...]

Training Run (3 miles)

Notes: This wasn’t a good training run; for one thing, it’s supposed to be a 5-miler but I was breaking in new insoles and my le [...]


So I promised myself that I would eat a slice of my fav chocolate cake (Dobash chocolate cake) and when I went to pick up the brekkers I was [...]

Long Run Training (18 miles)

Notes: First off, I really gotta calibrate my Garmin Forerunner 50; whilst Nike+ is reporting that I’ve run 18.38 miles, Garmin says I [...]

Training Run (5 miles)

Notes: I was not into this run at all. I don’t know if it was because of the wicked head winds, or the food I had for lunch or if I wa [...]
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