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Long Run Training (18 miles)

First off, I really gotta calibrate my Garmin Forerunner 50; whilst Nike+ is reporting that I’ve run 18.38 miles, Garmin says I only did 17.71 ugh.

Anyway, the run itself was ok until like, the first 6 miles (or thereabouts). I ran with Irene once again and shortly after we turned around, I dropped back as usual and continued the rest of the run on my own. Dropping back wasn’t a great idea, actually, since I tend to take ‘unscheduled’ walk breaks rather than stick to my run/walk intervals. It’s odd cos even if I felt ok (physically), I think mentally I was giving up (yet again). I really have to work on that. >_<

No major pain felt and I like the socks my sis got for me last weekend: they’re double-layer “Anti-Blister System” ones by WrightSock. Kinda pricey for 3 pairs of socks but they worked for me today! w00t.

Stats! Nike+; Garmin connect

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