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Training Run (3 miles)

This wasn’t a good training run; for one thing, it’s supposed to be a 5-miler but I was breaking in new insoles and my left calf-seized up. It’s still cramping if I stand up a particular way and I’ve yet to roll The Stick on it. Sucks too cos I wanted to burn all the bad food I ate this weekend! LOL.

Nike+ was working but upon syncing, somehow deleted all my recent run data. Thank goodness for Garmin as a backup (and it actually didn’t die this time). Too bad I won’t get this mileage credited off Nike+’s site though. Eep!

Garmin connect

p.s., I burned a measly 251 calories! LOL. That was barely a bite off some chocolate cake or delicious grilled Toro Kalbe. >_<

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