Monthly Archives: April 2008

Long Run Training: 8 miles

Notes:Really bad run; it was so hot and I didn't have any motivation to keep running. Walked most of the time but ran when the sun got [...]

RIP Pat Lampard (Frank's mum)

Pat Lampard, 58, mother of Frank Lampard (#8 of my Blues) has passed away earlier in the evening (GMT). My sincerest sympathies go out to Fr [...]

Windows Mobile 6

Yep, upgraded my hand-me-down Smartphone (Samsung i607) to the latest Windows Mobile version… At least I think it's the latest ve [...]

Sinusitis scare!

Feeling better this morning though, three hours ago, I had a terrible headache that mimicked the pain I felt two or three years ago when I h [...]

Grin and Bear It.

Spent the entire day yesterday bedridden, or rather, couchridden — with a box of tissues, a blanket, my laptop and TV remote for compa [...]

Abril update.

Can you tell I'm learning Spanish? LOL. Abril = April. I think that's how you spell the 4th month on the Gregorian calendar in Spa [...]
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