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Grin and Bear It.

Spent the entire day yesterday bedridden, or rather, couchridden — with a box of tissues, a blanket, my laptop and TV remote for company. LOL. It wasn't a bad day of rest; I wanted to do a bit of work but found that reclining with your laptop isn't very comfy. Ended up watching films on telly; Meet Joe Black was one of them. OMG can you say looooooong and drawn out?! I was drifting in and out of sleep whilst watching it. When I would wake up, it'd still be playing! LMAO. Still, it was the sort of mellow thing you'd want to leave on (but for the really annoying adverts.)

Didn't take NyQuil or DayQuil as planned; gonna try to work this out naturally cos I depended too much on OTC drugs the last time I fell ill and well, you know what happened. Just gotta eat and drink fluids and grin and bear it. ^_^

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