Monthly Archives: April 2006

Fun weekend.

Well, a lot has happened this weekend… The Fiesta performance was a success — Claire took some photos and videos (*gasp*) of us [...]

It's a beautiful day.

The afternoon/evening sun is shining at the Bridge and rightly so here in Southern California, as well. I need to get ready for my “Wa [...]


Chelsea Football Club 3 Manchester United 0 2005-2006 Barclays English Premier League Champions Carefree… [...]

Blues 1 Red Devils 0

I'm holding off on the celebrations. My Blues are in the lead (within the 5th minute, even!) but that doesn't mean that ManUre can [...]

Chelsea versus Manchester United

Good (4:28AM PT) morning, footy fans. This is the match I have been waiting for all week. After that gutting loss against those Scousers las [...]

Busy week + end.

So this week's actually been crazy. I suppose it didn't end from last week. This weekend, it'll be equally busy: my Chelsea [...]

Training Run: 7 miles

Notes: I was supposed to run 9 miles tonight. Unfortunately, it started pouring (well, I would say, slightly heavier drizzle) and it got dar [...]


So the weekend's supposed to be a time for recharging and recreation — I think I sort of got both but didn't really feel rel [...]

Long Run Training: 12 miles

Notes: Felt much better running this morning than yesterday. I suppose my running 'emotion' has something to do with the weather a [...]

Training Run: 6 miles

Notes: I did not feel like running. I was supposed to do 12 miles or even 16 mile-run but I could not just continue; I wasn't injured o [...]


'm thoroughly vexed. Chelsea lose to 'pool. There goes the double. This is going to be a bad day. Avoid interacting with me at all [...]
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