Monthly Archives: October 2005

Me = Consultant, Web Developer, Counter-Terrorist ;), Novelist…

…soon to be novelist (in a month), anyway. I'm going to try this and see if I can pull it off. 50,000 words in 30 days (that [...]

Happy Candy and Tricks day!

I'm going to be playing my Harry Potter soundtrack and dress up in my Cho Chang costume (again) to hand out candy to the kiddies. Poor [...]

Happy Birthday, Li'l Bro!

Happy happy birthday to my little brother, Raymond. Of course, he's taller than me, and looks older than me; but he's still 1 year [...]

He's gay, Jim.

ABC News Japan Today [...]

From Herman's xanga

Your Inner Child Is Happy You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing. You're cheerful and upbeat, taking everyth [...]

Car Update. Another Party.

Well, as of today, I still don't have a working motorized vehicle. On Sunday, I went to church in my good ol' Razr Scooter; yes, t [...]

Awfully distressing news.

One of my three fishies died. 🙁 It was one of the “twins” — Mary-Kate Fishy. I knew something was wrong. It's bee [...]

Happy Birthday to the twins!

Happy Birthday to the geeks Noot and Norn. I forget who's older by, like, a few minutes. Speaking of birthday, I had a loverly time a [...]


LOL… TY for the birthday greeting, Sheryl. (Jo Kinisha is planning an HP movie night or summat… She said send her an email!! � [...]

Quidditch robe drawback.

I'm a moron. I ran out of material (blue cloth) for my Quidditch robe. >.< I don't know why I only got 3 yards of cloth, when I wa [...]

Long forgotten… or not?

The other day, I went into my first JC Penny store. Yes, in my 28 years of living (at that time), I haven't shopped at this “JC P [...]
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