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Quidditch robe drawback.

I'm a moron. I ran out of material (blue cloth) for my Quidditch robe. >.< I don't know why I only got 3 yards of cloth, when I was originally going for at least 5 to 6 yards. Why I said (when I was buying it), "3 yards, please" is beyond me. Ugh. Now, I have like, the pieces cut and I'm missing the sleeves and the hood. Bloody hell. With all this work, maybe I should wear it to the premiere, as well (aside from Halloween). I don't care anymore -- I'm a geek.

At least I'm finally done with my Quidditch pads. I have the goggles, the golden snitch and I'm just missing the following items:

– Robe (work-in-progress)
– Blue knee-high socks
– Broomstick…preferably a Firebolt 😉

That should be it… I hope. +_+

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