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Car Update. Another Party.

Well, as of today, I still don't have a working motorized vehicle. On Sunday, I went to church in my good ol' Razr Scooter; yes, those aluminum scooters that were the rage back in the day (e.g., 5 years ago). At least the scooter saw some use, after a long time of being inabilitante. Of course, I got a few 'looks' once inside the church, 'cuz I had to stow the scooter away under one of the pews…

Last night, I finally tidied up my room and a little bit more tidying before work this morning. I didn't realise I had so much trash (game boxes, and so on) lying about. At least it's semi-clean now. I'll prolly finish the job later this evening again…

Oh yah, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike! I get to use my Cho Chang quidditch costume again at his party this Saturday — w00t! Geekfest. Of course, I'll prolly be the only one dressed up there unless Rick dresses up as Harry Potter — lol!

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