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Happy Birthday, Li'l Bro!

Happy happy birthday to my little brother, Raymond. Of course, he's taller than me, and looks older than me; but he's still 1 year younger than me and still my wittle brudder! Hehehe. So have fun today with Amanda!

In other news, my car is still sleeping in front of our garage. The battery is totally dead and cannot be recharged (according to the dudes at the car parts supply store anyways). Now my bro is going to help me buy the cheapest car battery we can find. I don't really want to spend anymore money this this jalopy. Stupid plastic Saturn car.

Mike's halloween/birthday party was pretty good! Excellent company, some funny costumes (ROFL Caesar/God/CESAR!!) and a loverly game of poker… Don't ask what happened to the game, though >.< The funny thing was, we couldn't stop reminiscing about our snowboarding adventures and are soooo looking forward to this season's powder. Ah.. Just a few more weeks until Mammoth opens!

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