Monthly Archives: September 2005

That's hot.

Not really… It's sooo hot here in Torrance. It's prolly 95+ degrees Farenheit outside and it's 79 deg. Farenheit inside [...]

Chicago Countdown.

T-minus 11 days and counting. I think I'm ready for Chicago. I mean, I feel better about my running now, after the Nike Run Hit Wonder [...]

RHW Photos! w00t. [...]

Nobody walks in L.A.

…well, the band that sang that tune didn't actually perform this year at the Run Hit Wonder, but we had some pretty decent bands [...]

Results: Run Hit Wonder – 10K

Event: Nike Run Hit Wonder 10K Distance: 6.20 miles (10 Kilometres) – actual: 6.42 miles Time: 1:12:13 Bib #: 7286 Date: September 24 [...]

Long Run Training: 12 miles

Distance: 12.01 miles (19.32 Kilometres) Time: 2:31:03 Date: September 24th, 2005 Notes: Another good run. Again, I ran on a flat course  [...]

I like this car.

$58,000 USED. In the words of my friend Kristine B. aka Shoe…. I must own it! [...]

Grow Cube

Have you tried this game, yet? Be careful, it's addicting! 🙂 Kudos to Ed for sharing the link! [...]

Training: 4 miles

Distance: 4.01 miles (6.45 Kilometres) Time: 0:48:13 Date: September 21st, 2005 Notes: A fairly good run because the course was flat! I lik [...]

Nazi Hunter!

Well, it did stop raining around 3ish (v.v.kewl) however, I was still playing Battlefield 2 until abuot 3:30PM, so I totally missed my train [...]


I woke up this morning (after going to bed around 3:30AM >. [...]
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