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Results: Run Hit Wonder – 10K

Event: Nike Run Hit Wonder 10K
Distance: 6.20 miles (10 Kilometres) – actual: 6.42 miles
Time: 1:12:13
Bib #: 7286
Date: September 24th, 2005

No PR here 'cuz I was pacing the 12-minute per mile group — which is supposed to be good because it's my “recovery” run (e.g., recovery after running 12 miles this morning). Boy was I wrong with that recovery part. We actually ran an 11-minute pace most of the time, even dipping to a 10:30 pace! I can normally keep a steady running pace, however, one of the people on our running group (I won't name names…. MIKEY!) pushed us to go faster… Not too bad, though. We got everyone back alive (or should I say, barely alive!)
Overall, an excellent race; I got to see three bands perform, and Joan Jett as well in the end. Because the course was flat, I didn't get any pains on my knees or anything, too.

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