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Prayers for a Friend

I was set on just posting a recap of my workouts last week, but got a text message this morning regarding the status of my good friend, Herman. If you didn’t know, he’s one of my closest friends and is suffering through Pancreatic cancer. The text was not good news and he’s doing worse — he’s essentially off chemotherapy sessions because of the toll it took on his body. Please offer up a prayer or two for him.

I’m actually raising funds in Herman’s honour (under “Team Herman”) to benefit the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. It’s my first marathon where I’m fundraising, but like my training, I’m behind! AHHHH. It’s definitely added stress but I know it’s going to a good cause (Hirshberg allocates 83 cents of every dollar donated to medical and scientific research) and for once, I’m not just doing a marathon for the sake of it. I’m literally 135 people away (who can donate $10 each) from meeting my fundraising goal, so if you’re thinking of how you can do good with just $10, please consider giving:

On a marathon note, I did better with training last week (rather than have zero activity during the week anyway!) I did 33 minutes’ worth of indoor cardio on Wednesday and ran on Thursday (4mi/speed-training). My long run ended up being 6-miles short (10.68mi total) but the rolling hills made the 10 miles worthwhile. It’s crunch-time and I’m pushing for 16 solid miles next week with another 2 miles of walking post-run to make 18 miles. Sadly, that will be my longest run before the LA Marathon. I’m really hoping it’s enough so that I can finish the course in under 7 hours. Yep, no more 5:30 goal. 🙁

I leave you now with something hopeful (and delicious), seeing as this post is rather sombre!

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Cheeseburger (Tomato Aoili, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato over wheat bun)

Cheeseburger (Tomato Aoili, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato over wheat bun)

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