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Long Run Training: 10 miles

The other day, Sheryl sent me a link to this running website that had a running calculator. I thought it’d be just like any pace calculator but it was actually something else.  Being the crazy person that I am, I decided to try it out for the first time during my long training run and it was pretty awesome!

I entered my best 1/2 marathon race (LV Half Marathon, last year) and then saw that based on what I entered, for Endurance Workouts (which is what this long run was), I’d benefit if I kept my pace from 13:07 to 14:07 min/mile.

In keeping with that suggestion, I did my best to stay within this range and I felt great during the entire run. Sure I felt my left knee a bit and then my right arch, but it wasn’t a serious sharp pain, or anything like that, that I was able to shake it off. I also did some weird intervals for the first time and I kind of like it! I did 6 min run / 30 sec walk; then every 30 minutes, when I need to take my nutrition, I’d take a whole 1 minute walk break.

I was also surprised that my HR stayed fairly consistent (except towards the end when I had to up the pace because I had another appointment!) I guess the training this week paid off (resistance on Monday,  barefoot on Tuesday and swim on Wednesday) that I may be returning to the fitness level I want to be in! So excited.

I just really need to take it in stride, though, and stop with the crazy training experiments. Heheh. I also need to be aware of recurring pain (esp. my left knee!)

Garmin Forerunner 201 | Forerunner 50 (HR)

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