Monthly Archives: December 2007


^_^ (photo coming soon) [...]

RIP Kazamidori

Teppan Kazamidori was our fav Izakaya in Torrance, CA. Where else (in Torrance) could you get grilled bacon-wrapped asparagus, different cho [...]

DVD storage woes…

I think I have over 200 DVDs in my collection (in that link, it says I have 187 but I haven't updated it in a few months and I've [...]

Visit MyMiniCity…

…please ^_^ [...]

Lovely mini-break!

My sis, Herman, Buzz and I returned from our weekend-long Mammoth trip last night! Sharon, Joel, Nathan, Lauren and Meilyn (sp?) went home o [...]

A totally random site

Since I've dropped (months ago) the "Random sites of the week" or however I worded it, I thought of just posting, on a random [...]
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