Monthly Archives: August 2007

ROFL. Zune…

Kudos to Herman for sending this link: Which contains this logo of the (Microsoft) Zu [...]

I'm back and I, er, brought home a friend….

LOL. Meet Kane (kah-ne) my cane: As you might (or mightn't) know, I went surfing this weekend for the first time. Our private lesson [...]


I'm back in our "Beach House"…. That is, my sis' place in La Jolla, CA. LOL! I woke up late and missed the first 4 [...]

43 things…

You probably have noticed (if not, go notice! lol) that I've added yet another entry to my growing list of left-column items (see yer l [...]

Greetings from La Jolla!

Sitting in my sis' living room ATM and will be ready to take off for the beach in about 2 hours… The beach (La Jolla Shores, to b [...]
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