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Greetings from La Jolla!

Sitting in my sis' living room ATM and will be ready to take off for the beach in about 2 hours… The beach (La Jolla Shores, to be exact) happens to be 1.5 blocks away so it's pretty neat! I'm just going to take my longboard and cruise there. ^_^

Speaking of La Jolla Shores, I'll be meeting with some of my "online" friends (actually, I've already met them IRL many times before but still call them my online friends…) for a picnic @ the beach. It should be neat — a couple of people flew in from different parts of the country just for this picnic… ^_^

Happy August!

Sis put us to work immediately (she just moved here from La Jolla Colony last week) so we've been helping her unpacking and such! LOL. It's cool… we can relax later.

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