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43 things…

You probably have noticed (if not, go notice! lol) that I've added yet another entry to my growing list of left-column items (see yer left! lol)… This time, I've added the "app" called 43 things. It's funny cos I was given a link to this by my next-door neighbor (thanks Pat!)

I've put 2 so far (with things I want to learn) and have 1 (with things I've done)… As I get used to the site's interface, you'll probably see that list grow.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty neat to share and find out how many people (who know about that site anyway) want to learn what you want to learn. You can also send yourself an email reminder on when you want to start learning! LOL perfect for a professional procrastinator like, me. 😉

Check out the site, here.

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