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I'm back and I, er, brought home a friend….

LOL. Meet Kane (kah-ne) my cane:

As you might (or mightn't) know, I went surfing this weekend for the first time. Our private lesson began at 1PM last Saturday and I tweaked my ankle (i.e., landed on it) about 30 minutes into the "class" — after writhing in the Pacific (ocean) for a good 5 minutes, I shook it off and got back on the rented longboard to paddle. How the hech do you hurt your ankle at sea? It's not really that difficult if you wipe out at the shallowest part, i.e., close to shore. >_<

Ahhhh… It was soooooo much fun, though. The good news: even with a tweaked ankle, I was able to finally stand on the board; the surf instructor was cute; both my ankles are now officially "cankles" — thanks to a previous right-ankle injury whilst @ university, both right and now left look very much the same and ugly! The bad news is, I probably should take a week or two off from running! Crapz0rs! LOL, I'm going to feel the suffering in October during the 1/2 marathon.

So lessons learned this weekend:
1. When wiping out, make sure your bum falls into the water first… then again, I don't want to break my tailbone… K, nvm… lesson is: try not to wipe out in shallow waters.

2. Wrap and ice injured ankle immediately; don't walk 3 blocks to the market, go shopping, carry the groceries home and then writhe in pain again in the evening wondering-why-the-hech-you-walked-that-far-with-a severely-swollen-ankle.

3. Canes are your friend (and so is the CVS pharmacy!)

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