Monthly Archives: May 2007

Training Run: 3 miles

Notes:These are "elliptical miles". Before my run, I had to do a double-take on my calendar as it only read "3" miles! l [...]

Long Run Training: 8 miles

Notes:Amazingly, this was a good run. I haven't felt this good about a run in a while. Maybe because I knew it'd be a short run (r [...]

Happy Birthday, Andreas!

Hard to believe that the little lad on the pic below is now 19! Happy Birfday, li'l brudder! Hehehe. [...]

Long Run Training: 12 miles

Notes:This is the second to the last long run before my actual marathon. I'm nearly there! The run itself was ok, although, I did not d [...]

Cup Victory!

Talk about ending the season on a high note. [...]

Training Run: 4 miles

Notes:I missed my 8-mile run on Wednesday but I was able to do my scheduled 4 miles today. A combination of laziness (and had to work late) [...]

Training Run: 4 miles

Notes:Mileage completed on the Elliptical; again, I'm not sure of it's accuracy but I got a good workout. I'm going to try th [...]

On the topic of fitness!

I'm becoming more and more interested (and will probably start soon) with lifting weights and sticking to a "weight lifting schedu [...]


This just in (sorta). My favorite court room drama, Law & Order has been renewed by NBC — this is after I recently read that it� [...]

Food Equivalent?

There's this book called The Diet Detective's Count Down by C.S. Platkin. Anyway, there are apparently 7,5k food/exercise equivale [...]

Long Run Training: 20 miles

Notes:Success! I made my 20 mile run and I am WAY more confident now that I will finish the San Diego marathon on June 3rd. I burned a cool [...]
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