Monthly Archives: May 2007

Training Run: 5 miles

Notes:Ok, completed 5 miles on the elliptical machine again… So, I'm not entirely sure if that mileage is accurate, especially af [...]

Training Run: 10 miles

Notes:I was worried that the weather would be hot this morning and I was soooo relieved that it was only partly sunny and the ocean mist kep [...]

May update.

Haven't posted in a while… I also seem to have missed a couple of RPIs. I'll post those again next week; anyway, some update [...]

Training Run: 5 miles

Notes:Kudos to Irene for motivating me to run! YAY. I actually followed the schedule and ran as, well, scheduled! 5 miles! Tomorrow, 10 but [...]

Long Run Training: 14 miles

Notes:Somewhere in that 13.33 miles, I did the Walk for Life and actually walked it! I was going to run the walk but couldn't seem to f [...]
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