Monthly Archives: April 2007

Happy Easter!

Kudos to Sharon for forwarding the funny yet endearing pic above! [...]

Good Friday yesterday and no run today.

I don't know how to fast. Yesterday was Good Friday so fasting and abstinence were called for. Even with the morning snack, I was pract [...]

Training Run: 7 miles

Notes:/me pats herself on her back. I actually stuck to my training schedule today and ran the prescribed 7 miles. It was an easy pace of 13 [...]

Arr Peeh Eye Eleven

Warning, random sites below! Proceed with caution… lol. Exhibit 21: Statistics: The MovieI can honestly say that I have met and have h [...]

Cross-Training: Walking

Notes:w00t! I actually got to stick to my workout schedule today. It said "Cross-Train" and cross-train I did! Of course, it was o [...]

Long Run Training: 10 miles

Notes:First day of April and I totally missed doing my yearly April Fools pranks this year. I hope it's not a sign of growing up or sum [...]
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