Monthly Archives: April 2007

Long Run Training: 18 miles

Notes:As you can see, I missed my training mileage by a few good miles (more like 14!!!) Ahhhh. I did go at a pace of 13:37 m/m and burned a [...]


ROFL! More of this evil spawn song. Search "Berries and Cream" on YouTube for homegrown remakes! LMAO. And this one for absolute b [...]


OMG! You have to see the remixed version of the advert video I posted yesterday: ROFL! [...]

This makes me laugh. Just watch. ^_^ [...]

Long Run Training: 12 miles

Notes:Easy run with lots of walking! My pace was approximately: 14:45 m/m and burned about 1,261 calories. [...]

Long Run Training: 12 miles

Notes:Ok, on the schedule, I was supposed to run 12 miles today; however, since I missed the past 2 weeks (a 15 and 16 miler) I was hoping t [...]

Ah shyte!

Sanjina is gone. UGH. I smell a conspiracy! rofl. [...]


I have to admit — I haven't really watched "American Idol" since it's inception… until now, where I try to c [...]

RPI the 13th.

Oooooh. Scary; 13th RPI. Exhibit 25: 5MTK(Y)Ok, despite its morbid gameplay, it's really rather fun and addictive. Kudos to Ed for fin [...]

Congratulations are in order

Three very special people are deserving of hearty wishes today — Audrey and Mark Congrats to you both on your wedding (it's actua [...]

12th RPI

*cue drumroll* Introducing… the 12th RPI *cymbal splash* Yep, can you believe we've had a dozen instances of these random points- [...]
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