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12th RPI

*cue drumroll* Introducing… the 12th RPI *cymbal splash* Yep, can you believe we've had a dozen instances of these random points-of-interest? Anyway, enough reading and more clicking!

Exhibit 23: CalTrans Highway Lookup
LOL. Talk about random, huh? This might actually interest all my California peeps! I began using this website two winters ago to make sure all the roads that led to Mammoth mountain were open! Check it out. You can look up interstate highways, too, I think…

Exhibit 24: Cubilus
Pssst! Got some "free time" at work? Why not play this 20-level block game called Cubilus. Oh yah, don't forget, ALT-TAB is your friend. Hehehe.

Here's to the next dozen RPIs! ^_^

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