Monthly Archives: May 2006

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas

Add this page to your bookmarks/favorites list: Kudos to Johnny for posting this on BW. [...]

Glad to know I'm not the only one…

…that deals with spam crap on the comments page! Poor Engadget, though. I thought they'd have better ways of dealing with it. Oh [...]

Post-Memorial Day post!

The three-day-weekend was awesome. Granted, I ate a lot and I'll prolly gain 10 lbs. alone from this weekend… Anyway, it was very [...]

Long Run Training: 8 miles

Notes: My last long run training before the San Diego Marathon and you'd think I'd have it good but today I felt somewhat sluggish [...]

A Friend from Church

A member from the Respect Life Committee at church that I am a part of has created a blog for another friend of ours at our church who is cu [...]

Training Run: 3 miles

Notes: Another good Nike training run. My group seems to be getting bigger as well! I had a nice big 14-person trail behind me. ^_^ Burned a [...]

Long Run Training: 5 miles

Notes: Oh boy. What can I say — I was supposed to run 12 miles today and I ended up doing 5. I think I ate too much (yummy) Chinese fo [...]


A big and hearty congratulations to my friend, Sheryl Tan. She graduates later today and will receive her big “J.D.” (Juris Doct [...]

Vote for me.

I know some of you already have an account on… Anyway, there's another contest and this time, it's one of a p [...]

Football (Soccer) Bloopers!

Another premiership season has passed but this year, we have the World Cup to look forward to! Anyway, keep yourself amused (as I have) with [...]

Training Run: 3 miles

Notes: Not to bad — this is one of the Nike training runs. Burned a good 381 calories on this one. [...]
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