Monthly Archives: February 2006

It's official.

I'm really really out-of-shape. My thighs hurt as much as they did *after* I ran the Chicago Marathon. I have a 3 mile run tomorroz and [...]


I can feel my age — or perhaps, because of my obtuse (or rather reckless) actions this morning I am now feeling the pain; sore muscles [...]

Long Run Training: 7 miles

Distance: 7.21 miles (11.60 Kilometres) Time: 1:47:21 Date: February 12, 2006 Notes: LOL. Talk about jump-starting my training. This is actu [...]

Winter Olympics.

…so they're here and all that jazz: Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. I actually watched the opening ceremonies and it was ok R [...]

Oh crap.

I've already mentally told myself that my next marathon is on June 4, 2006 — the San Diego Rock 'n Roll marathon. I haven� [...]

The Blues go to the 5th Round.

It's always fun to watch midweek games and not wait until the weekend to get my footy fix. It was particularly pleasant to see The Blue [...]

Change of pace.

My last post was quite morbid — but it is a reality. Anyway, for a change of pace, I'll post something happy… ALMONDS! 😀 [...]

More info on those Mammoth deaths.

LA Times article: Online forums on Mammoth's website were abuzz over the weekend with ski enthusiasts' incredulity at what unfold [...]

Tierney Rider.

I rode the T-board for the first time this afternoon (since receiving it on Tuesday afternoon) and all I have to say is “Wow!” [...]


I've become lazy lately — in terms of catching with my friends and family. I often wonder why 95% of my friends don't have b [...]


Happy Birthday to my big sis Annelle! w00t… In other news: I got my T-board yesterday… I haven't tried it out yet, but I& [...]
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