Monthly Archives: February 2006

YASQ (Yet-Another-Silly-Quiz)

Jung Explorer Test Actualized type: ENFP (who you are) ENFP – “Journalist”. Uncanny sense of the motivations of other [...]

Braveheart, Photos and Ringo Starr.

I watched Braveheart on the USA channel this afternoon, and aside from the bloody (literal) scenes being edited out, they have also blurred [...]

Amazingly warm.

Mammoth was awesome this weekend. Well, let me take that back; it was glorious! My sis and I, as posted here, were running late on Friday [...]

Back from Mammoth and…

…the conditions were glorious! I'll share the rest later — gotta get ready for church! [...]

Running late…

Well, our scheduled time to leave (5AM) has obviously passed and we are running a bit late — we wanted to leave early enough to avoid [...]


Leaving for Mammoth in 6 hours… I was supposed to sleep at 10pm but I didn't finish waxing the boards until 11:20PM… EEK! Y [...]

Chelsea versus Barcelona – Live on ESPN2

My two favourite players are on the pitch at Stamford Bridge: Lamps and Ronaldinho. Of course, I would love to see Chelsea win this first le [...]

Long Run Training: 5 miles

Distance: 5.01 miles (8.06 Kilometres) Time: 1:11:19 Date: February 19th, 2006 Notes: Not a very good run; I felt fine, but was lazy. I ende [...]

It's dead, Jim.

I have one last-ditch effort to get my datar off my beloved media drive. After that, it's poo-doo. R.I.P. numerous photos, mp3s, backup [...]

Training: 4 miles

Distance: 4.05 miles (6.51 Kilometres) Time: 0:54:16 Date: February 15th, 2006 Notes: The run wasn't too bad; I didn't feel any kn [...]

No turning back.

Eep! In other news, I suffered another devastating blow to my computer yesterday, losing my beloved media hard drive. The drive that cont [...]
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