Monthly Archives: March 2005

April 1st.

“Happy” April 1st — and don't get owned today… especially by me! 😀 [...]

Terri Schiavo has died….

…13 days after not receiving any food and water. And yet, even at the last minute, Michael Schiavo did not want the parents (or family [...]

Korean Soap Opera/programme.

So I was channel surfing the other day on my tiny B&W television. It's actually my sister's TV — she got it from our Ch [...]

Three Lions.

I finally watched the England versus N. Ireland game tonight (it was previously taped from the match on Black Saturday). Joe Cole is really [...]

Feed Terri!

I called my mum in Italy to find out if they have any news there about the Floridian, Terri Schiavo, whose feeding tube (nutrients and water [...]

My thoughts and Prayers…

…are with the people in South Asia who were affected by the recent quake. 🙁 It's interesting though; the first quake that tri [...]

Happy Easter!

Hell week, erm, Holy Week rather, is finally over! YAY. Yesterday, my sistahs and I celebrated Easter dinner with a big slab of red meat. G [...]

Easter Vigil

Romanos 6:3-11 [...]

Good Friday.

Behold the cross on which was hung life's very Lord, God's darling One; Mary's own babe, so cold and so still, helpless befor [...]

Holy Thursday.

Ubi caritas est vera, est vera: Deus ibi est, Deus ibi est. [...]


…with spam in my giornale's comments area. I might just disable comments for now, until I figure out a way to fix it! >.< [...]
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