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Korean Soap Opera/programme.

So I was channel surfing the other day on my tiny B&W television. It's actually my sister's TV — she got it from our Choir Christmas party a few years ago. Anyway, I digress… I was “channel surfing” (meaning, I was turning the knob and attempting to find a good signal), when I stumbled upon a soap opera already in progress — in Korean (with English subtitles). It was quite entertaining, not because I attempted to convince my sis to watch it (she refused), but because I watched the entire thing. Like all good soap operas, it ended with a cliffhanger. (AHHH!) Knowing when it'll air again isn't a problem because I can look it up on Yahoo!'s TV listings, however, the information on there just says “Korean Miniseries Drama”; that's not very descriptive, eh? If you wanna join my search (for that miniseries title), feel free to visit the TV's site here. 😀

In other news, the 3 Lions “easily” won over the Azeris 2-0. The match could've been more exciting, though, but I'm just happy England won.

p.s., More info about the Korean miniseries: I think the doode's name is Myong-Ryong? His GF owns a jewelry shop. He sold his Dad's sword and it was bought by someone from France? LMAO. I think this is it… I'm not positive, though.

p.p.s., Nope, that's not it… >.<

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