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One Month Anniversary & FiL

Today marks the one-month anniversary of Herman’s death. It’s somewhat difficult to fathom that it has already been thirty days since his passing. I feel like we just buried him a week ago. Sharon sent me a text as a mini-reminder, and I thought it would be easier to come to terms with his death — like, have closure, especially after the LA Marathon — but it’s the little things one does (it’s around this time of year that I play a prank on him and my sis), that forces one to pause and say, oh yeah… he’s really gone. :\

Anyway, with everything that I’ve observed/experienced the past six months, I’m definitely even more inclined now to live life to the fullest; not just for me, but try to make a difference even if in the smallest way — though, that still includes my yearly pranks on sis ;). Also, I’m trying to be more prayerful and going back to choir at my church was one of the best things I’ve done this year ^_^

Speaking of prayer and choir, it’s “Fridays in Lent” and though I skipped last week, here’s a rendition of Amazing Grace that will hopefully make up for that.

Your chains are truly gone, Herman. May you rest in eternal peace!

Herman, don’t play a prank on me today, mmkay? I don’t like apparitions 😉

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