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First Friday and every Friday in Lent

OK, Lent has begun and this year, I won’t be able to give up (the) Facebook for 40 days. Nor will I be able to give up foursquare, Twitter or blogging. LOL. Instead, I am giving up cursing (I only say “F” sparingly and more of an “S” person, but still), and road rage! The latter because my sis has noticed lately that I’ve been cursing the cars on the road A LOT; mostly the slow ones on the fast lane, the fast ones/tail-gaters in the slow lane and the ones that don’t use directional signals… i.e., the LOT. 😉 Bwahahahaha. So yeah, crazy (Asian) drivers, I forgive you 😉

At the same time, I’m going to post a really inspirational song here every Friday. So if you haven’t broadened your contemporary Christian music list, pop by every Friday to listen. 🙂

Today, it’s from Tom Booth and Matt Maher — You Know Who I Am. You can purchase their DRM-free (YAY!) song at:

Anyway, enjoy and have a blessed Friday.

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