Monthly Archives: September 2010

Reality setting in. +_+

Well, it’s official; I’m totally freaking out about my October schedule. With only 11 days until my first triathlon, 17 days unt [...]

Milk. It (really) does the body good.

According to a article, anyway, on how Milk is a great alternative for post-workout sports drinks. Several small studies have [...]

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

One would think that after eight marathons and several dozen training runs, drinking water (or an electrolyte-replacement drink) is a non-is [...]

10k + Sprint tri + 13.1 + 26.2 = Overloaded October

I just added a 10K race to the already busy month of October.  I needed to do a 14mi run on that day, anyway, so why not run a 10K (6.2mi) [...]

Injury fears allayed. w00t!

Well, I think I’m fine — that is, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my left tibia/shin, as previously though [...]

Confession (and workout mashup)

Let me start by getting this off my chest first — I haven’t been running! In fact, I haven’t ran since Saturday, and I onl [...]

Bike Training: 12mi

My post on Tuesday stated that I’d be doing a run on Wednesday evening. Well, I ended up doing some resistance/strength training that [...]
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