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Milk. It (really) does the body good.

According to a MayoClinic.com article, anyway, on how Milk is a great alternative for post-workout sports drinks.

Several small studies have put low-fat milk and low-fat chocolate milk to the test as an alternative exercise recovery beverage for athletes performing resistance and endurance activities.

Athletes need fuel — for both immediate and stored energy. The body’s preferred source of fuel is carbohydrate (sugar), which is stored as glycogen in the muscles. Protein is needed to build muscles and repair them after use.

Milk offers both carbohydrate (lactose) and protein (whey and casein). When compared to sports drinks, low-fat milk, plain or chocolate, was equivalent or better for fueling, repairing and building muscle. The results were especially impressive when milk was used as a recovery or post-exercise beverage.

Full article here.

I stumbled upon that article when I was searching for “how soon can you exercise after a meal?” lol. I had just had lunch and wanted to wait an hour before doing some light to moderate indoor cycling. Unfortunately, the Mayo Clinic article I’ve read said I’d have to wait between 3 to 4 hours for large meals, and 2 to 3 hours for smaller meals before any exercise. I had like, a medium-sized meal so I reckon I won’t have time to workout before going out (and supper) tonight. +_+

But back to the milk — someone posted a comment asking if Soy milk had the same benefits and here’s their response:

The amino acids (building blocks of protein) in soy milk differ from those in cow’s milk. One study suggests that the soy protein is digested more rapidly than a cow’s milk protein. This rapid digestion results in the soy protein being broken down by the body and not be used by the muscles as seen with the cow milk protein.

I feel for my sis who can’t drink regular milk anymore. 🙁

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