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Long Run Training: 6.71mi

ran on 8/1/2010

This is the longest distance I’ve done wearing my Vibram Five Fingers, KSO model. My legs felt great because the “shoes” I wore were quite light, but my big toes kinda suffered towards the tail end of the run (same familiar “hot spot” feeling where one can anticipate a blister forming). In the past, it’s only been my right big toe, but the left (I suppose) felt left out so it decided to have a mirror version of the right toe’s malady.

Next weekend, I need to run 8-9mi and then the weekend after that, 10mi. I’ll be running all these barefoot (or rather, in my VFF’s) and then that’ll be it. I’ll be retiring these for longer runs (albeit will continue using them for my shorter distances/ mid-week runs) and switching back to shod running. I just hope that it’s enough for me to have developed a more efficient forefoot strike and not revert  back to heel striking and risk tweaking my knee again.

Stats: Garmin Forerunner 50 (HR) | Forerunner 205
Gear used: Vibram Five Fingers KSO, Spibelt, Phiten necklace, Phiten tape dots (left knee)

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