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Want… Compex Sport

I’d forgotten that I had subscribed to the Compex newsletter and I got an email from them today regarding a 48-hour sale on their product! AHHHHH.

If you haven’t the foggiest what I’m talking about, check out the video below.

If you don’t have Flash (or can’t see the video above), it’s basically a device that simulates your muscles using EMS (electrostimulation). I had gotten a device demonstration when Sheryl and I were at the LA Marathon expo last March (2010). They stuck the electrode pads on my left calf and then used the “Active Recovery” setting. It was rather scary at first since it felt like my muscles were being shocked but after five- or so minutes, I had gotten used to the sensation and actually liked it!

I wanted to pick one up right there but the price was just waaaay too steep ($579.99!). Today, and up until Friday, though, one can get it for 10% off (they have the email discount code: 48SAVE10). Still, despite this discount, it’ll still end up being $572.74 (with California tax factored in — they’re a company based in Carlsbad, CA!) Ugh! I need more disposable income.

Maybe if I finally get my 5:30 marathon PR, I’ll consider saving up for this. I mean, it’s a product I can use over-and-over for my marathon and triathlon training and one can buy more electrodes if you need to share the product with someone else (i.e., sisters, Sheryl, my brothers…)

Then again, I can just build muscle and actively recover the traditional way (resistance training and swimming, respectively) and save that five-hundred bucks on something more important… like a trip to Orlando, Florida to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! LOL

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