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Recap: Village Runner 5k

Nearly a week after this race, I still haven’t fully recovered! But more of that to come. I wanted to initially PR this race but a week before running it, I decided that I’d rather help my li’l bro PR it, instead of trying to get another one of my own.

On race morning, we were already running late (no one woke up early enough so we could have our pre-race day routine: coffee, oatmeal, bathroom) that we literally got dressed and drove ourselves to the race site. I’m glad we opted for this Village Runner 4th of July 5k instead of the Will Rogers 5k — the difference being the location! Will Rogers 5k was held @ Pacific Palisades (about a 40 minute drive north of our home) whereas the Village Runner 5k was less than 5 miles away.

Anyway, even if we got up late and missed brekkers, we got to the race site a full thirty minutes before the start. This meant we had enough time to (somewhat) warm-up and do some light ballistic stretching. Also, since it was chip timing, we didn’t have to stand extra close to the start line.

Before the race began, I ran into my friend, Cristina (we met each other at those Nike runs I used to pace) and her husband, Del was already around the start of the race (he’s a speedy guy!). Cristina wanted to PR the race herself and her goal was sub-30. I invited her to run with me and my li’l bro since that was our goal too but she ended up doing her own thing (during the first half of the race anyway!)

The national anthem was sung, the fake gun fired and off we went! I told my bro to go at a 10 min/mile pace at the beginning to warm up and then gradually speed up accordingly. I’m glad we took it somewhat slow in the beginning because this course had a few hills innit!

The course was also out and back, which I’m not keen of, btw, mostly because I don’t want to see people running back, especially since I haven’t the foggiest clue where the turn around point was! 🙂

Anyway, towards the 2nd mile, I tripped! Yes, as in full on “superman” on my tummy, nearly-kissed-the-ground, sort of spill. >_< I’m still not sure what happened or how I tripped (I might’ve been having a conversation with my friend, Cristina, who we ended up seeing around that time when somehow, I just tripped!). LMFAO. I actually got up on my feet right away since my Garmin never showed me stopping! The entire fiasco took seconds, but it felt like I was on the ground for 5 minutes!

After getting up (and telling several strangers that I felt fine, after they prompted me), I just continued running, attempting to keep up with my brother and friend.

I actually was never able to catch up with my li’l bro and ended up “pacing” Cristina.

To make a long story short (too late), neither Cristina nor I PR’d but my bro finally got his sub-30 time (00:29:58, I believe is his chip time). I still managed a 00:30:14 finish with Cristina finishing a few seconds ahead.

When I was at the finish line chute and waiting to have my chip removed, several people asked me again if I felt fine or was OK. I brushed them off and said I was fine (and was curious how they knew I tripped!) It was only when I lifted my leg to have my chip removed that I realised I was bleeding! LOL My right knee had a sort of “Jesus” wound to it, was bleeding and some of the blood had nearly made it down my shin and nearly on my foot! ZOMG  It was after I got to the medical tent and had the wound cleaned and dressed when I felt the sting. Ouchies.

So yeah, nearly a week later, I haven’t run and gingerly walk about, taking care not to put too much weight on my knee. It’s not like I can’t bear any weight on it, though, it just stings whenever I flex the knee. The first few days, I ended up changing the plaster (bandage) twice-daily because there was too much “puss” or whatever’s being excreted by the would (ewwww! TMI lol) I’m hoping (and don’t think) this is anything serious, but I might just have it checked to be on the safer side. It’s not stopping me from running tomorrow, though — my first run since the silly accident, even and I plan on just taking it easy.

Overall, it was a good race, despite tripping. I was actually surprised to have still finished close to 30 flat minutes, considering that I had gotten injured during the course! That’s dedication for you (or madness!)

Garmin stats and photos soon to follow. 🙂

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