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July the 4th!

Posting this an hour early but…

July the 4th

I’m going to run another 5K tomorroz — not planning on getting another PR, though as I’ll be pacing my li’l brudder so he can get his PR! 🙂 I told him that finishing at around 32 minutes was a very acceptable time, but our family tends to be rather competitive so we signed up for this the day after our last 5k (a few weeks ago). We’ve been training so I believe we’ll be able to achieve this goal.

Did I mention I’m going to run in my Vibram Five Fingers again? I’m really getting used to the barefoot sensation and I try to train in it at least twice-a-week. The only unfortunate thing about this “shoe” is… No laces! So I’m researching online on how to attach my timing chip! LOL The chip is one of those flat plastic kinds, too (I’ll upload a photo later) so I’m going to have to be really creative with mounting it on my ankle or VFF’s…

OK, time for bed — race start at 8AM and I still have to find parking when we get there.

Oh and happy Independence Day!

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