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T minus 10 hours a nd counting

Ahhh… in about 10 hours, I’ll be running my fifth and final San Diego Marathon. I really want to PR it and I believe I can, but there’s just this nagging thought in the back of my mind that I won’t be able to… positive thoughts, Raciel. Positive thoughts!

Anyway, my two big sisters, Irene, and I just had our requisite carbo-load supper. Since Annelle and Irene are only doing the half-marathon tomorrow, they stopped by the Yard House across from our hotel and are having a few cold ones before retiring for the evening. Minel and I have prepared our race-day stuff: attached the bib to our shirts, put the timing chip on our shoes, and all that goodness.

I’ve decided to go with the tried and true yellow “day-glo” shirt that I’ve used for my past three marathons: it’s the Chelsea Football Club away shirt. I’m going with my Nike skirt, though (instead of shorts) and definitely will be running in my CEP compression socks. Oh, I’ll also have a compression long sleeve shirt on (underneath the dayglo shirt anyway). If you think I’ll be too warm, it’s actually quite the opposite — the long-sleeve compression shirt will protect my skin from the sun and because it’s so close to my body, it helps wick away the sweat quicker. Again, tried and true 😉

Okie, time for beddy-bye. I’ll be getting up in approximately 8 hours! Eep.

G’night! ^_^

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