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Long Run Training: 15 miles

Meh. I was able to do a semi-strong 10-mile run with 6/1 interval but by then, I really had to start walking cos my left knee was hurting again. I walked for at least 4 miles (my HR around zone 4) and then jogged the remaining mile.

The pain in my left knee wasn’t anything sharp — but a niggly one that just wouldn’t go away. I attempted to listen more to my body hence the walk. But then, during the walk, I began to feel that I’m developing blisters on the soles of my feet! Ack! I wasn’t able to wear my ‘double-walled’ socks and wore whatever running socks I had available. LMFAO. Wrong choice of socks = hot spots under foot.

Still, I was able to complete the training, but meh… Iono now if I can PR San Diego. 🙁

Stats: Garmin Forerunner 50 (HR Data) | Forerunner 201 (Distance and Pace)

To lift up my spirits, I rewarded myself with some Gumbo! Yum! ^_^

Mmm gumbo!

Mmm gumbo!

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