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Long Run Training: 8 miles (taper)

This was my last long run before the Los Angeles Marathon. The thing is, I wanted to do 12 miles, but then decided to lower the amount to 10 miles. As you can see, I completed the (originally scheduled) 8-mile taper. *sigh* A couple factors came into play:

  • My knees started acting up. That’s right, knees. Though, it was more left knee than right. I don’t know; I mostly think it’s because I’m just nervous for next weekend (LA Marathon is on the 21st!). Still, I thought my knees were going to be ok and it was on the 4th mile that I finally felt good about them… but then…
  • Sisy wanted to quit cos she had a painful arch! Ugh. When Annelle told me to “go ahead,” I generally just continue on my run (like last week). This time though, even if I did go ahead, I began to think about my knees again and naturally, began to feel some pain! Ahhhh. So I thought, well, let me just head back to the car and meet my (already) waiting sis. But she wasn’t there! So…
  • I backtracked (e.g., ran) to look for my sis and even went up the Strand a bit (in case she decided to continue running despite her sore arch) whilst texting and leaving her messages on her mobile! LOL. Meanwhile, I had already covered enough ground to make the 8 miles, missing at least a few of my walk breaks/intervals. Hahaha.

Anyway, to sum up (too late), I lacked the mental toughness today. I thought that since my sis had already given up, and that I didn’t really need to train much cos I was going to run LA easy, that it was OK for me to just stop. Still, I got some mileage in today and as much as I didn’t really feel strong afterwards, I’m just really hoping not to give up the same way next Sunday.

Stats (as recorded by Garmin Forerunner 201 and Forerunner 50)

Actual Distance: 8.27
Avg Pace: 13:31 min/mi
Calories: 794 C
Avg HR: 161 bpm
Max HR: 177 bpm

Oh, I also need to hydrate this week because I also realised that I hardly drink water during the day (except during meals and when I need to take my vitamins). >_<

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