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Long Run Training: 20 miles

Talk about jumping right back into training. I took two weeks off to rehabilitate my left knee (which was acting up) and although the swimming (and water jogging) did very well to get me back into fitness, running on concrete/asphalt is totally different.

That being said, I took my time during this training run and was careful not to over-exert myself. That meant running two  minutes slower than my normal pace to get back into the swing of things.  I also walked the last two miles, rather than do my 6/1 intervals until the end.

I felt some pain earlier on my right knee but managed to shake it off — I think I was just getting excited over running again. I didn’t really feel anything else (which is good!) until towards the tail end of my run. Essentially, my quads were really getting tight and my shoulders were stiffening up. I attempted to loosen them up with some high knee and “bum kicks” during my walk breaks and that seemed to make it better.

Overall, I think I had a good training run: my knees feel fine and though my quads are super sore right now, I’m going to stretch later today. 🙂

For recording purposes, I used both Garmins — the Forerunner 50 (to track my distance, Heart Rate) and then the Forerunner 201 (to track my distance, pace and keep track of the intervals). I also posted this on Daily Mile. 🙂

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