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Super-sprint Tri!

I’m seriously considering (as in, am 90% away from registering) for the Spring Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon! I’m planning on doing the super-sprint distance, that is, half of a sprint triathlon (200 meter swim, 6 mile bike, and 1.5 mile run). I think it’ll totally be doable, since it’s 2 months after the LA marathon and about a month before the San Diego marathon.

The registration is kinda steep, though $65 for the mini-sprint (only $5 cheaper than their sprint distance), but still, it’ll definitely get my feet wet (figuratively and literally) into triathlons… Perfect prep for the Hermosa Beach Tri, me thinks. If I put $50 more as a donation for the UCSD Cancer Center, I get “Breakfast buffet and commemorative T-shirt, in addition to the VIP Option package which includes reserved bike racks in transition area, supporter bib, swim cap, water bottle, goodie bag and timing chip”. ^_^

My sis, Minel (aka Ms Manic Marathon Runner [ 26 races and counting] + veteran/Olympic-distance Triathlete) said that I should totally do this race (she’s actually encouraging me to do the sprint from the get-go!). Though she has never done this particular race, she’s done another tri event @ Mission Bay and said that it’s the perfect place to learn. She did mention though, that Mission Bay is quite dirty so I shouldn’t exhale through my mouf! LOL.

The map looks neat-o, too… Again, doable and not too overwhelming. OK, I’m getting excited and I haven’t even registered yet! ^_^


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