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Still cramming.

It’s been over a decade (actually, just about 11 years and around 4 months) since I’ve graduated from university and I’m still cramming. No, I’m not studying for an exam or anything intellectual like that (ROFL). I’m cramming my training for my Long Beach 1/2 Marathon!

I think summer got in the way of my training (it really did) and for some reason, I stopped, er, training. Yep, no running, no cross-training (does surfing count?) — nothin! Fast forward a month and it finally hits me that I have two more long distance races before year’s end and I’m not prepared.

I decided, after my horrid performance/experience at the San Diego Marathon in 2008, that I would never ever do that to myself again. As a result, I’ve been relatively disciplined with training and deserved my Camp Pendleton Marathon personal record and 5 weeks after that, ran another marathon and finished unscathed (with Sharool!). I guess I forget that promise to myself when summer arrived and the beer kept flowing! Hehehehe. (Technically, I stopped training after my last 1/2 marathon [San Fran in July] so would that still be regarded as summer?) 😉

Anyway, without ending up too wordy (too late), I’ve kick started my training by running about 13 miles on Saturday. I’ll be cramming the rest of my runs up until the fated day (Long Beach is on October 11th) and am hoping that I don’t fall off the wagon (or however that idiom goes) by the time the Las Vegas half comes by.


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