Monthly Archives: February 2009

Long Run Training (17 miles)

Notes:What can I say, I sucked at this run. There was something different about today and I kind of felt it less than half a mile into my ru [...]

Long Run Training (11 miles)

Notes:It was a rather busy week that I did not have a chance to take a break and do any of my mid-week runs so I was a bit surprised with th [...]

Happy Hearts Day!

I'm going to go watch this band called Sourgrass* at Saint Rocke (in Hermosa Beach) tonight. It should be neat cos my sis, I and some f [...]

Long Run Training (15 miles)

Notes: There were to be technology-related shenanigans in this run and it started with my Garmin foot pod not properly connecting to the For [...]


It's raining in Los Angeles right now; actually, since I woke up this morning. Anyway, I've mixed feelings about it. I'd norm [...]

Recovery Run: 5 miles

Notes: It should actually be a training run (and the distance, according to my schedule is 7 miles), I did 5 miles doing the 6/1-interval an [...]

Race Report: Surf City USA

Notes: I PR’d! I think it’s rather good because I had barely run the month before this race; had exactly 5 training runs. LOL. S [...]
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